Don’t Diss Sundays

I used to hate Sundays. 

They meant the end of a weekend, the start of a week of busy. Often times loaded with laundry, cleaning and a lack of fun. Sundays were seen as “an end”, not a beginning.

Last year that changed with what I started by calling “days I don’t plan” have now taken on the term #SelfCareSunday.

And now I savour and cherish Sundays. 

On Sundays, when I’m not busy, I focus on me.

Baths, candles, books, coffee or a beer on the back deck- whatever my little heart desires! I’m one to keep busy, focus on planning and tend to not fair well when things are out of control (by my own standards mind you). Sunday has become a reset, a time to breathe, to reflect.

The term self-care I’ve learnt from a fabulous company called Wear Your Label, they’ve got a #SelfCareSunday contest going on right now, check it out!

For now I sit here laughing at young me, hating such a beautiful day- for wasting it. Take care of yourself in whatever way you see best. Do what makes your feel your brightest. Most importantly, call it whatever the frig you want!

Happy Sunday friends, I’ll be over here, not making decisions- just doing what I feel like.

Let’s Connect! My goal in this blog is to create a community, help others and in turn grow myself. This is not just about sharing my story, but those of others- Want to collaborate? Suggest a post? Ask a question? Meet to chat? I’m all ears! Send me an email or connect via @AnaSmallwood on twitter or instagram. 


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