The List.

Sometimes I question why, and how I do it all. The daily list. The daily grind. What’s it all for?

Stay tuned for my critique of it all. In the meantime- my list. 

  • Student
  • Employee full-time
  • Employee casual
  • JazzFest Volunteer
  • Community Volunteer (Bluenose, Give Agency, Wine & Dash, Run for the Cure…likely forgetting some)
  • UPEI Alumni
  • MSVU PR Comm Society President
  • Mental Health Foundation of Nova Scotia Board of Trustees Member
  • Mental Health Blogger
  • Mental Health Blog Contributor
  • Symmetry Editor
  • Brownie Unit Guider
  • Girl Guides of Canada Link Member
  •  MSVUSU Speaker of Council
  • 3 twitter accounts, 3 instagram accounts, 3 Facebook pages (Full-time Work)
  • 1 personal twitter account, 3 personal instagram accounts, 1 Facebook profile, 1 LinkedIn profile
  • 1 society twitter, instagram, Facebook Page, and LinkedIn
  • 1 blog twitter and Facebook page
  • Friend
  • Daughter
  • Mentor
  • Pet owner
  • Networking is important!
  • Maintaining connections
  • Whatever a social life is
  • Dancer
  • Sometimes runner
  • Try to cook
  • Time for Me? 

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