A Weird Phenomena

Living with Trichotillomania, living with an mental illness is hard.

Often times misunderstood.

Often times associated with shame.

Often times hidden.

Trichotillomania has been with me for over ten years now. It’s part of my day to day.

It never leaves.

I’ve accepted that, I will always pull.

Some months, weeks, days, hours are better than others.

This week was a bad week.

Not for any reason, just cause.

That’s what makes living with Trichotillomania frustrating.

Sometimes there is no reason, it just wass.

Mental  illness is funny that way, but also that’s what makes it an illness. There is no NEED for a reason, as much as we search for one.

There’s hope tho, there will be good days, good weeks and good months.

Cherish those times.

Hello friends! 

A bit of a transition period here on the blog. I’m going to be writing a lot more, and trying to get back to Trich and BFRB focused content. 

If you want to collaborate or have ideas please let me know!





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