About Me

I’m a student, a community volunteer and lover of all things tea and coffee. Proud owner of a cute little Bichon Frise named Mitzy, and the sweetest bad cat around, Chai. Growing up in Quispamsis, NB I spent many a waking hour at the ballet school. My one first love was dance, the second music. Although both are not as prominent in my life anymore I still love them greatly. The saying goes, “Once a dancer, always  a dancer”, and to that I can attest- a hard wood floor is every retired ballerina’s stage.

IMG_0086I attended the University of Prince Edward Island until May 2014. At UPEI I was involved in as many things as possible, from Orientation Week to Student Union- I was there. All the while struggling with my direction in life, changing my mind from veterinary medicine, to doctor, to naturopathy to philanthropy studies in a  matter of months. After receiving my Bachelor of Science in Biology I moved on to another undergrad in an unrelated field; Public Relations!

I began my studies at Mount Saint Vincent University in January of 2015 and have been loving it ever since. Finding passion in life is often challenging, and although I loved everything about my first undergrad, I struggled academically. In the public relations program I’ve found a program that challenges me, and gives me purpose. I love what I study, and cannot wait for the opportunity to make it my career.

Volunteering and staying busy are my biggest joys in life. Describing myself as strategic in many aspects of life. I enjoy planning events above all else, yet thrive on the challenge of a busy social media campaign. I’m also a fan of a good internal policy and relish the chance to delve into policy creation and amendments. Involvement in community has made me who I am. Without the experiences I’ve had through volunteering I wouldn’t be where I am today. Forcing me out of my comfort-zone and showing me I’m capable of more than previously thought. A shy girl leaving high school I’ve taken on any challenge I’ve faced. Sure I’ve failed some, but I’ve aimed to at least take the risk of failing. A supervisor once told me, “you’ll never get the job if at first you don’t apply,” and this phrase I aim to take with me in all I do.

Mental health has played a big role in my life over the past few years. Through work at the University of Prince Edward Island “Mental Health Week” and student initiatives, “Unleash The Noise 2014” by Jack.org and more recently the Mental Health Foundation of Nova Scotia as a Board of Trustees Member. I’ve seen talks, I’ve participated in discussions, I’ve experienced mental illness, and I have mental health- as we all do.

Yet I’m still baffled by the stigma that exists, by the fear of sharing one’s story. There’s a lack of widespread understanding that ” we all have mental health just as we have physical health.” I see my classmates struggle, I see generations before me struggle to understand- I see stigma. I’ve added to this stigma, through feeling ashamed in my own mental illness. My hope is that this blog will help others feel the need to speak out and share, as someone mentioning their illness has for me. Years of silence can’t be reversed, but I can make the next ones good and loud.

This is my next big risk, so here goes!