Mental Health NS Radio Interview

A year ago, I began a journey with the Mental Health Foundation of Nova Scotia.

A year ago, when asked why I wanted to be involved I said it was for others.

A year later, it’s clear that it’s also for me.

A year later, things still need improving.

A year later, I’m smiling.

Where will we be next year? 



Things are a changing!

Change is good, and this blog is certainly been on it’s own journey since it began but two months ago. What began as a seven-day series has morphed into a connection with a community I feel is still very unrepresented in the mental health community. I’ve heard far more “I thought I was the only one” stories than I’d care to admit.

Individuals who feel ashamed, feel unrepresented by many, feel scared, feel alone.

It’s frustrating- I’ve been there. 


This blog is just starting, but as it stands it’s but one voice in a cloud of many.

Trichsters, those with BFRBs are living and sharing our stories individually, reaching to few, desiring for more. It’s time we connect, grow a force, grow a LOUD voice.

Over the next little while there’ll be some changes. Good ones I hope.

I’ll be looking to do collaborations. Welcoming emails, guest-posts and will be sharing the content of others. I’ll also be reaching out to the general mental health movement to help boost awareness- join me. 

NEW ways to connect:

Instagram: @TimeToTalkTrich


Twitter (As Always): @AnaSmallwood

Let’s make some noise! 




Fridays are for friends! This week we focus on The Canadian BFRB Support Network

Fridays are for reaching out to others in the BFRB community and sharing their stories.

Google BFRB in Canada and one organization will pop-up. The only support network I’ve found in Canada, and one that has provided the stats for many a blog on my page. They’re supporting those with BFRBs and they are building awareness <3.

They too post blogs, they too use tags, they too need to be recognized- take a look at this leader of BFRB Awareness in Canada.


Twitter: @CanadianBFRB


Happy Friday friends!


#FridayFriendDay- TLC BFRB

Fridays are for reaching out to others in the BFRB community and sharing their stories.

Today’s share is an organization based out of Santa Cruz, CA. The TLC Foundation for BFRB they run conferences, feature a lot of resources and are overall aiming to boost awareness of BFRBs. They just turned twenty-five years old as an organization too! Take a look at the ad they recently hosted in Times Square, NYC!


Twitter: @TLC-BFRB


Give them a follow, they do fantastic work. Happy Friday friends!



Fridays are for reaching out to others in the BFRB community and sharing their stories.

The first person I, and many others, encounter with regards to Trichotillomania is Beckie Brown. Take a look at her video above. She’s been featured in the film Trichster and blogs about her life with Trichotillomania quite often.

Youtube: Beckie J Brown Trich Journal

Twitter: @BeckieJBrown

Happy Friday friends!